Register a Company Online

Register a Company Online

Register a Company Online in Six Days

Our Firm has extensive know how and expertise through its expert Lawyers and Administrators, it can register a company online for you in a few days. No need to visit. Save your time and your money.

Online Registration

If you want to register a company online from your desk, you will need the following:

  1. Get in touch with us, by following the link.
  2. Send us a choice of 3 names to check for you.
  3. Give us the nature of activities of your company, so as to prepare the Memorandum.
  4. Tell us the name of the Shareholder.
  5. Tell us the name of the Director.
  6. Tell us the name of the Secretary.

Once you give us the above 6 details, we will register your Cyprus Company and deliver to you a Company Kit with all your original company documents by Courier. For more serious reading on Cyprus Company Formation, follow the link.

Operate From your Country

Register a Company online in Cyprus and carry all your business, trading, buying, selling, e-shop, e-business, consultation activities etc., from your own country.

You do not have to visit even once!

Pay 12.5% Tax

When you register a company online in Cyprus, you have tremendous tax advantages. Corporate Tax in Cyprus is only 12.5% on the net profits of the fiscal year. The tax can be reduced further with a wise Tax Optimisation Scheme, to as low as 4%! No other jurisdiction offers the Tax Benefits that a Cyprus Company does!

Open a Bank Account Online

When you register a Company online, our Firm is committed to open a Bank Account for your company, without your presence.

Such bank account will have all the facilities of a business bank account, including internet banking 24/7, visa card and many different currencies, without extra charge.

For more reading on opening a Bank Account, follow the link.

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    Free Hotel Hosting

    E.R.Team offers you our valued client free hotel hosting in a Larnaca hotel with your Cyprus Company registration. For more information please follow the link . See More

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