Cyprus Holding Company Registration

Cyprus Holding Company Registration: The International financial community considers the Cyprus Holding Company as the most appropriate holding vessel for 0% Taxes. Coupled with the fact the Cyprus is an EU state, the Cyprus Holding Company registration can offer you a solid Tax Optimization platform for a legal way to reduce, minimize or zero your taxes. When you decide to proceed with a Cyprus Holding Company registration you will have access to the following Tax, Legal and Administration advantages:

1.  A Cyprus Holding Company is a private limited liability company, in which the responsibility of the owners (Members/Shareholders) towards the creditors of the company, is restricted only to the extent of the stock (shares of the company) which they hold.
2.  A Cyprus Holding Company can issue capital without limitation. Such capital does not have to be paid in cash. A small tax of 0.6% has to be paid on the capital at the time of registration or at a later stage at the time of increasing the capital.
3.  A Cyprus Holding Company, can own shares or other securities in any other company in any country without any limitations.
4.  A Cyprus Holdings Company pays 0% Tax on any profits from selling/trading in any kind of securities such as shares.
5.  A C.H.C. pays 0% Taxes on income from selling its own shares!
6.  C.H.C. pays 0% Tax on all dividends paid by the company to the Members/Shareholders of the C.H.C.
7.  A C.H.C. pays 0% Tax on all dividends paid to the C.H.C. by any other companies in which it owns shares.
8.  A C.H.C. pays 0% Tax on all profits (capital gains) for all investments, traded by the company, such as real estate, paintings, art, assets etc.
9.  C.H.C. can accept or Directors or Shareholders physical or legal entities. Maximum shareholders at 50 no maximum number for Directors predicted.
10.  A C.H.C. on its registration can have a bank account opened in its name in Cyprus or any other country.
11.  A C.H.C. is a European company and as such it is acceptable in all countries of the world without any problems.


Process of Registration of a Cyprus Holding Company

For the registration of your Cyprus Holding Company you need to do the following:

a. Choose a name for the Company

b. Decide the size of the capital. It can be 1 euro upwards

c. Choose a Director for the Company

d. Declare the Shareholder ( owner ) for the Company

e. Your Holding Company by Law must also have one Secretary

e. You need to have a Registered Office in Cyprus also

Your are ready to go. Submit the above to our Administrators and your company will be well on the way to registration. A Cyprus Holding Company registration process can be completed in about 5 working days after the name of the company has been approved by the Registrar of Cyprus Companies. For more information on the Cyprus Company Registration follow the link. We can also secure a Bank Account for your company in a few days in Cyprus or in another country. A C.H.C. can be registered without the need for you to be present. No power of attorney is necessary. You can also operate your Cyprus Holding Company, from your country. You do not have to be in Cyprus, you do not have to register yourself as an employee of the company.

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