Cyprus Offshore Company

Cyprus Offshore Company for Low Taxes

Get a Cyprus Offshore company today and pay only 12.5% corporate tax. No tax on dividends, no tax on revenue from selling shares. No capital gains! No other taxes!

This is the most commonly used form of company in Cyprus. It is a private limited liability company. In this type of company you need to have at least one Director, one Shareholder and one Secretary.

Nominee Directors and Shareholders

You can of course have more than one. There is no limit to the number of Directors or the Secretaries. Regarding the shareholders, you can have up to fifty of them. See the interesting article on the subject of Nominee Shareholders for confidentiality. Also for more reading go to Nominee Directors.

In a Cyprus Offshore Company, you must also have a capital. As such it can be anything from one Euro upwards. There is no limitation. You do not have to pay the capital in cash to the company!

Tax Resident and Non Tax Resident Company

If the company has its management and control in Cyprus, it is Cyprus tax resident. For this you need to live in Cyprus permanently. Instead you can hire a local Nominee Director!

This company pays taxes in Cyprus. If it is not tax resident it pays taxes in the country in which you are tax resident. Form more reading on the subject of Cyprus Corporate Tax follow this link.

Our firm can register a Cyprus company for you in 6 days, no fuss and in your absence.

Fast Bank Account for Your Cyprus Offshore Company

Having done your offshore company formation, our Firm can also open a fast  Bank Account for your company in about 15 days! Simple and no fuss. In your absence. You don`t have to be present. In Cyprus or abroad. With internet banking, credit/debit card, in many currencies without any extra charge. No limitations in transfers in or out! No tax or negative interest on your deposits.

Registration With the Tax Office

Every Cyprus Company has within 30 days from its incorporation, to register at the Tax Office.

This TIC number is necessary and its required by Banks and other corporations before they will begin a cooperation with your company in the EU.

VAT Number

Every Cyprus Offshore Company has also to register with the VAT Authority. It will be given an EU VAT Registration number.

Our Firm can register your company at the VAT Authority in 2 days and get you the VAT Registration Number.

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