The Trust Fund of a C I T

The Trust Fund of a C I T :  The whole purpose of a Cyprus International Trust is for a the Settlor to assign to the Trust, the Trust Fund, or Trust Property. What can the Trust Fund be? What can the Trust Property be? There is not legislative provision for that. So there is no limitation. Only the wish and the imagination of the Settlor can be the limit to the Trust Property and of course the intended targets and purpose of the setting up of the Trust.

The Trust Fund of a C I T : The cash fund. If the Trust fund is cash then a Bank Account will be opened in the name of the Trust with the Trustee as the manager and signatory of the Bank Account to administer the cash according to the wishes of the Settlor. The fund can be applied for securing the future of the Settlor and his family in which case the Trust is said to be a Family Trust. Or it can be used to invest in any kind of assets such as equities, real estate, commercial properties, gold, diamonds, bonds etc.

The Trust Property. That can be a Hotel, or Shares, Bonds, Gold, Diamonds and and generally anything of value. There are no limits. There are no restrictions as the situs of the property. It can be located in any country. In case or property, if it is real estate the title to the property has to be transferred into the Trust`s name. If it is movable property such a gold or jewelry it has to be kept in a safe box into the name of the Trust, with the Trustee as the guardian of the property.  An insurance can be of course issued to insure the Trust assets for various risks including theft or destruction. All safeguards for the Trust Property can be taken to make sure that the Trust fund or assets are safe.

A Cyprus company can be the Settlor of a Trust in Cyprus of course. In that company you can be the sole shareholder. So it is like your are the Settlor of the Trust. If that company is trading all the profits can go to the Trust to become part of the Trust Fund. For information on how to begin your Cyprus Company Registration follow this link.

For more information and advice on how to set up a Cyprus International Trust and how to take advantage of all those great tax and legal advantages of a Cyprus International Trust go to Cyprus International Trust.

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