Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Legal Notice: Dear Visitor, this site and all its content is for your information only. It is not intended to be acted upon, nor does the content pretend to be legal or professional advice in any way although we strive for all content to be as accurate and as professional as possible. We strive to keep the content up to date by publishing new articles and updating the existing ones. However some content may not be up to-date despite our attention. Our Law Firm has been offering legal and corporate services since 1979. If you need any professional advice on any issue or problem, please contact us and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

Legal Notice: Our Firm bears no responsibility to any of our esteemed visitors, who acts on any information in our site and suffers from loss as a result.

Legal Advice

Our Firm has since 1979 been offering legal and corporate services to thousands of international clients. It will be our pleasure to advise, assist and guide you if you need too on any project you might be pondering to do in Cyprus. Our expert personnel and trained lawyers can assist you on such projects for example for Cyprus Company Registration or to  open a Cyprus Bank Account,  or to set up a Cyprus International Trust,  to get a Hotel Business license or to advise you on the Cyprus Corporate Tax you would pay in Cyprus etc.

Free Consultation

Our Firm can offer you free consultation on any of the services you are thinking of acquiring through our Firm in Cyprus. It  is understood that we are referring to common every day issues of such projects and not a very specialized advice on complex legal issues requiring a specialist lawyer or many hours of preparation. Issues such as the use of Nominee Services, Nominee Director or Nominee Shareholder are within the ambit of free consultation.