Administration Advantages of Registering a Cyprus Company

Cyprus Company Administration Benefits

Cyprus Company Administration Benefits: There are a plethora of administration benefits for you with your Cyprus Company Registration. Some of the main benefits are listed below for your information although the list is not exhaustive. Some of the advantages below are major benefits not offered by other or not many other jurisdictions worldwide! Read them carefully.


1. Time Schedule For a Cyprus Company Registration

Cyprus Company Administration Benefits: The first of the Cyprus Company Administration Benefits is that our Firm can complete your Cyprus Company Registration in 5-6 working days. It goes without saying that this is very fast compared to any EU jurisdiction and even many other ones worldwide. The registration of the company we do in your absence!


2.  Cyprus Company Administration Benefits:  The Costs for a Cyprus Company Registration

Another big of the Cyprus Company Administration Benefits is the cost.  The cost of a Cyprus company registration is very reasonable. It is way too lower than setting up a company in the EU countries. Our office offers a full Cyprus company incorporation package with all necessary documents and services to assist you attain you goals for a very client friendly fee. Our company registration package offer is probably the best on the market. Plus it includes all the services you require to operate your company.


3.  Cyprus Company Administration Benefits:  New Documents – Nominee Director/Shareholder 

Obtaining new documents or certificates, such as a new Certificate of Incorporation or a Good Standing Certificate can be done in 24 hours and in English and Appostilled! Use of a Nominee Director is possible. This crucial service will cover the legal necessity for your company after its registration to become tax resident in Cyprus. This will allow you to benefit from the many tax advantages it enjoys. A Nominee Director Agreement is signed. A Nominee Director offers you confidentiality from praying eyes.  Also a Nominee Shareholder is allowed, for full confidentiality. Deed of Trust and Share Transfer Instrument will be singed for your security.


4. Share Capital – Worldwide Recognition – Low Maintenance Fees – Easy Bank Account

The share capital of the company does not have to be paid in cash at the time of incorporation. It is owed to the company. It can start from one euro and there is no maximum. A tax of 0.6% is paid on it once. A Cyprus company on its registration is an EU company, and as such it is acceptable by all countries all over the world. It is not on any black list or any sanctions list. It is not a Tax Haven company but a low tax company! Its yearly maintenance costs are low compared to may EU and other jurisdictions. We offer a very concise maintenance package which includes administrative, legal and accounting services. You can open a bank account for a Cyprus company in every country.


5.  Cyprus Company Administration Benefits:  Power of Attorney – Operate From Your Country – Easy Closing

A power of attorney is possible to be issued in your favor or in any other person nominated by you, for carrying out certain operations of the company. You can have a virtual office in Cyprus as the business headquarters of your company, dedicated telephone line, fax and email accounts and office space to meet clients if you require. You can close down a Cyprus company with a very simple low cost procedures without having to go through the voluntary liquidation proceedings which are time consuming and very costly. You can operate a Cyprus company from the comfort of your office in your own country. You don`t have to relocate to Cyprus or become a Cyprus resident or tax resident.


6.  Fast EU Vat Number – Long Stay Visa – Re-Domiciliation 

A Cyprus company registration, gives the right to you the Real Owner and your family members to a long stay visa. That is going to be for two years (renewable). Plus a work permit if certain terms are met. Cyprus legislation, the Company Law Cap 113, allows a Cyprus company to be re-domiciled abroad to any other country. You can get an EU Vat Number for your Cyprus company in 48 hours. There are many other perks and advantages when running your Cyprus company operations. The above are just the major ones. If you need any other advice please email or calls freely.

7. Easy and Fast Bank Account

Get a fast and easy Bank Account on the registration of your Cyprus Company. We can open a bank account for your company without you having to be present, in Cyprus or another country. Usual documentation. Time schedule of between 5 and 15 working days. Make it easy on yourself.

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