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Cyprus Bank Account: Our Team is very extensively networked all over Cyprus with almost all the Banks and internationally with many big Banks. Therefore as soon as your Cyprus Company Registration is over, we can secure a Cyprus Bank Account or an international bank account for you. Further we can open fast bank accounts for you in many countries. Fast and Easy, no Fuss, no Hidden Costs. Your Cyprus Bank Account or an international bank account can be either personal or corporate (business) accounts.  Also you can have most of the following facilities/advantages:

1. Multi currency account accepting various currencies.
2. No minimum initial deposit terms.
3. No minimum monthly balance.
4. Visa or other card available acceptable worldwide.
5. 24/7 internet banking for payments without any limitation.
6. Minimum documentation requirements.
7. Your presence will not be necessary, but a Skype conference may be required.
8. Time schedule is about 10-12  days for a Cyprus Bank Account or an international bank account, depending on your timely response.
9. Digipass or mobile codes.
10. Low set up fees and reasonable Bank fees.

You Will Need the Following Documents For a Cyprus Bank Account

The documents which you will require for opening a Cyprus Bank Account for your company will usually be the following. However the Bank may ask for some other documents:

1. A good clear copy of your passport. This is necessary even if you use a Nominee Director.
2. A fresh utility bill of water or electricity or gas or internet services.
3. A simple Bank reference letter from any Bank with which you have any Bank Account, even a small personal account. We will send you a sample Bank reference letter if required. If not possible, then a Bank statement may be enough.
4. A CV for you. A sample will be sent to you to fill in.
5. A questionnaire will also be sent to you to fill in.

The documents you supply must be in English or you must have them translated into English if requested by the Bank. Of course this will depend on the language they are written in. So for Hebrew or Chinese or Arabic, you will generally need a translation. However for German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, you may get away with it.

Time to Open the Bank Account

You may open a Cyprus Bank Account for your company as soon as you have your Cyprus Company Registration completed. For some reading on the time schedule and procedures for the Cyprus Company Registration follow the link: Cyprus Company Registration.

Advantages of Cyprus Bank Account

As a final note, we would like to underline is that a Cyprus Bank Account, is easier to open. It is in a safe Bank. All facilities above are available.  You get reasonable Bank fees. It is acceptable by PayPal, Amazon, eBay. It is also acceptable by the EU Banks and international corporations. Finally it is an EU Bank Account with all the related benefits.

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