Legal Services

Our Firm is a fully fledged corporate and legal provider with a long experience and expertise since 1979! We can provide to you all or any of the following legal services through our expert Lawyers, Bankers, Accountants, Immigration Experts, Real Estate Agents and Surveyors, Tax Consultants and Administrators. We can also offer you legal services in other countries through our extensive Legal Services network. Our associate legal services Firms in other countries are all trustworthy Law Firms with extensive experience in offering legal services and other tax, corporate, real estate and any kind of service you may require.

For specific projects like Cyprus Company Formation, Bank Account, Cyprus Holding Company, Cyprus Work Permit etc get in Contact with us today.


Tax Planning and Tax Optimization

Through our long expertise in tax planning for over 35 years now our Firm can advise you and prepare a Tax Scheme for you tax optimization through legal means to reduce your taxes to the minimum no matter in which country you are resident or operating.


Mergers and Acquisitions

In today`s world that money is changing hands so fast, you can earn or lose out in a matter of hours. So employing the right expert to carry out your project fast and safely is of paramount importance. Our Firm has vast experience in this field. We can cater all your needs in expert legal and technical issues.


Family Law

Marriage, divorce, prenuptial deeds, family property disputes, custody of the children and all other services related to any family issue is within the services range offered to you. Our experts will handle your case diligently for a positive result.


Inheritance and Property

Administration of the Estate of Deceased persons who die intestate or leave a will, drafting of wills or other property settlements such as Trusts, property disputes and asset protection schemes. Ask for more details and a free advice.


Immigration Law

Cyprus Investment Programme, Cyprus Permanent Residence, Long Stay Visa, Work Permit, Visitor`s Visa, 60 Day Permanent Residence Visa and all other immigration services. Our Team has extensive expertise. For more info on immigration and work permit follow this link.


Cyprus International Trust

For a Cyprus International Trust its benefits, the procedure to set it up please visit our page on this at Cyprus International Trust.


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Recovery of Debts, Civil Litigation for Contractual or Property Disputes, Insurance Claims for Fire or Accident, Marine Accidents or other claims, Defamation and Libel , Bankruptcy and Liquidation. Apply for more details and free consultation.


Intellectual Property Law

Filing of Patents, Trade Names, Trade Marks and other intellectual property rights, unfair competition, infringement of IP rights, counterfeiting. Our clientele are mainly international businesses in the food and clothing industries and the sectors of software applications, music and film industry.


Real Estate Services

Cyprus is ideal for Real Estate investments with a sizeable return predicted. We offer title investigation, contract drafting for purchase or sale, or administration and maintenance of properties. Assistance in finding the right property for investment or for securing Cyprus Citizenship or Permanent Residence. Our In-House Real Estate Agent and Surveyor will assist and protect you to avoid any losses or legal problems.


Shipping Law

Registration Yachts for pleasure or for Business. Registration of ships, Chartering, Sea Accidents, Tax Investigation, Vat Avoidance , vessel or assets arrest, sales and purchases of vessels.

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    E.R.Team offers you our valued client free hotel hosting in a Larnaca hotel with your Cyprus Company registration. For more information please follow the link . See More

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