Work In Cyprus – Get A Cyprus Work Permit

Do You Want to Work In Cyprus – Get A Cyprus Work Permit

Are you planning to work in Cyprus and get a Cyprus work permit? Do you want to live in Cyprus? You will need a Cyprus Work Permit and long stay visa. Is it easy to get a Cyprus Work Permit to live and work in Cyprus?

What are the requirements for getting a Cyprus Work Permit? How long does it take? These and many more questions may be going through your mind. Read on this article to solve many of your queries.

Why Should I Choose To Work In Cyprus?

Get A Cyprus Work Permit :  Cyprus is the 3rd biggest island in the Mediterranean sea. If you choose to work in Cyprus you will enjoy lovely warm weather.  Also a lot of tasty delicacies, a friendly population and many universities and other higher schools. Cyprus also has a very efficient banking system and modern and fast telecommunications. There are also air links to all destinations.  Finally great human resources of thousands of university educated.

What Job, Profession or Business Can I Do In Cyprus?

If you want to Work In Cyprus – Get A Cyprus Work Permit.  There many jobs, professions or business you can choose to do if you work in Cyprus. Cyprus is a very developed country and as such is a multicultural society. Running a Hotel is one of the best business you can do in Cyprus as it gets a lot of tourism every year.

So is a business of Travel and Tourism. A restaurant is also a good business. A Bar, a Cafeteria, a Forex company, a trading company, an import company and many more.

Technical services will also be in great demand soon as the oil and gas sectors are being geared to begin operation soon. The energy sector offers many opportunities. Solar farms or wind turbines can be one of the best investments in Cyprus. There are jobs or businesses for which you don`t need a special license there are some for which you do.

How Do I Get a Cyprus Work Permit?

There are various ways to get a Work In Cyprus – Get A Cyprus Work Permit. Some are easier than others, some of faster than others.

1. Cyprus Citizenship

One of the fastest ways to get a Cyprus work permit and live and work in Cyprus is to get a Cyprus passport by investment. All you have to do is to invest in €2 000 000 in real estate in Cyprus and in 3-4 months you get permanent residence and Cyprus work permit for life. You and your family.

2. Set Up a Cyprus Company

If you want to work in Cyprus and get a Cyprus work permit, all you have to do is:

a) Set up a Cyprus company in which you are the owner and

b) An office for its operations  and

c) Get an apartment for you and your family and

d) Deposit in the company` s account €171 000. if you do that then in a few days you get a long stay visa. It is for 2 years. You will also get a work permit. They are renewable. For more information on the subject of Cyprus Company Registration, please follow this link.

3. Category E Visa
If you are offered full time work in Cyprus then you can work get a Cyprus work permit.

What are the requirements for this type of visa?

a) Present a full time employment contract for at least a year.
b) Your passport must be renewed for at least 3 years.
c) An apartment for you to live in.
d) A Personal Bank Account in Cyprus
e) An insurance policy for you and your family is necessary
f) Get a certificate of clean criminal record from your country.
g) Fill in the necessary application forms.

Your application will be processed in about 2-4 weeks by the Migration Department. Work permit is  granted if the particular type of work will not affect the local work force. Applications for scientific jobs, for cooks is exotic restaurants will be granted. This so for aero plane engineers, energy sector specialists, oil or gas platform specialist workers etc.

4. Cyprus Immigration Services

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