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Cyprus Company Formation

Cyprus Company Formation in 6 Days

Get your Cyprus Company Formation done by our Firm in 6 working days. Quickly no fuss. No hidden costs. Get full Legal and Tax support and advice. Personal person to person services. We reply to our emails with the 3 hours! Cyprus Company Formation at its simplest. Begin your international business today. Get in Touch Here. For more advice and details on Cyprus Company Registration follow the link.

Why Get a Cyprus Company Formation

A Cyprus Company Formation offers you  a large number of benefits and advantages.  No other company will offer you that. See below the great benefits and judge for yourself:

  • Only 12.5% corporate tax on its net profits!
  • 0% tax on any revenues from trading in securities such as shares
  • You will pay 0% tax on all profits from the sale of real estate abroad.
  • Another huge benefit is 0% tax on dividends paid out to the shareholders.
  • Add to that 0% tax on any dividends paid to it by any other company in which it holds shares.
  • An extra benefit is 0% stamp duty in many occasions.
  • Further you pay 0% tax on profits of permanent establishments abroad, such as hotels, casinos, restaurants, factories etc.
  • Also note that there is 0% tax on any income from selling its own shares.
  • 5% tax on IP rights, revenue or income if certain terms are satisfied.
  • Cyprus has a network of more than 65 Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties with as many countries of which you can benefit.
  • You can get any documents you need for your Cyprus company very fast, in English, Apostil and at reasonable fees.
  • A Cyprus Company is an EU company. It is acceptable in every country of the world without any problem.
  • With a proper tax optimization scheme we can reduce your corporate taxes even lower than the 12.5%!

Directors-Shareholders-Secretary-Registered Office

    • A Cyprus private company limited by shares is a limited liability company. The Directors and Shareholders do not have liability for the debts of the company except the VAT Tax.
    • Anyone can be a Director regardless of nationality if he is over 18 years old. At least one Director must be appointed at the stage of the Cyprus Company Formation.
    • There is no limit provided by the Company Law, Cap 113 of the  number of Directors you can be appoint at Cyprus Company Formation or later.
    • You can appoint as a Shareholder in a Cyprus Company anyone,  regardless of nationality. You must appoint at least one Shareholder at the stage of your Cyprus Company Formation.
    • Only a number of 50 shareholders allowed for a private limited company. You can split one share however to more than one shareholders. This way you can increase the number of shareholders.
  • At the stage of a Cyprus Company Formation, the capital of the company can be anything from €1 to any amount without limit. There is a tax of 0.6% on the capital of a Cyprus company. You will pay it at the stage of Cyprus Company Formation. This is a once off tax.

A Cyprus company on incorporation must have a Secretary. Anyone who is over 18 years of age can be Secretary, regardless of nationality. There is no limit in the number of Secretaries. A company Secretary has few but important duties in the company. You can appoint a Nominee Secretary by committing to our Nominee Services.

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