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Business Address in Cyprus:  Our Firm in its efforts to enhance and multiply the benefits of our clients in using their Cyprus companies, can offer you a Business Address in Cyprus for your company. Please see article Cyprus Virtual Office Services also. What is a Business Address? We offer you a real address at which you may have your own dedicated telephone line, receive emails, faxes, telephone calls, packages, documents, courier deliveries and of course in cases of dispute serving of legal documents.

The main benefits of using a Business Address in Cyprus are:

1. You get an EU address for your operations so that EU clients, corporations, Banks, Associates, Providers, Partners and other services companies such as PayPal, EBay, Amazon etc. are more willing to cooperate with you.

2. You protect the confidentiality of your own residential address for many reasons. Protect your family from any annoyance by Baillie’s, or debt collectors, or even from criminal individuals or gangs. Protect your address from future blacklisting if your business goes bankrupt.

3. You can show this Business Address on your website as your business address in Cyprus. you can use it on your business cards. It can also be used on your invoices thereby protecting your main address from Tax or Vat claims.

4. It is a permanent address so that you can have it for many years. So even if you move around you will have a permanent Business Address for your company.

5. You will have a utility bill for your company. This is sometimes difficult to secure in some countries and in many cases where you don`t have another place of business with a utility bill. A utility bill is very important nowadays as all Banks in opening a Bank Account request it, and of course many other associates, providers, big clients etc.

6. Many clients, associates, Banks, corporations, partners etc. are more willing to trust you is you show a Business Address in the EU.

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