Cyprus Holding Company Examples


Further to the articles above see below Cyprus holding company examples so that you can understand precisely what are the benefits of a Cyprus Holding Company Registration. In the following examples of holding company you will realize that the benefits are so great that no other jurisdiction offers. Cyprus Holding Company Advantages include tax, legal, administrative and technical benefits. The following Cyprus Holding Examples are only for your guidance. If you need professional advice please get in contact with us. Our expert Lawyers will advise you free or charge. For information on Cyprus Company Registration follow this link.

Repatriation of dividends back to your country may involve some Tax to be paid. This is where the Double Taxation Treaty comes into play. We advise you to get advice from a Tax Consultant in your country.

German Company PWM

Trading in new cars and other machinery

all over the world. Factory and Offices in Germany.

Cyprus Holding Company

Holds 100% or less of the Shares of PWM

Offices in Cyprus – Bank Account in Cyprus

Board of Directors in Cyprus

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