Cyprus Nominee Shareholder Services

What Is The Nominee Shareholder?

Cyprus Nominee Shareholder Services :   Our Firm in our effort for more efficient services to your international clients is offering you a Nominee Shareholder for your company. A Nominee Shareholder is a professionally trained person or a company (legal entity), who at the time of your Cyprus Company Registration is appointed by the Memorandum and Articles of Association to be the Shareholder (the owner of the shares) of the company. The Certificate of Shareholders of the company will show the Nominee Shareholder, not you as the official owner of the shares issued by the company. Usually we issue 1000 shares of €1 each on the registration of a Cyprus company. The shares do not have to be paid in cash at the time of registration of a Cyprus company. A Nominee Shareholder can also be appointed later at any time if you so require of course.


Cyprus Nominee Shareholder Services :   What Is The Role of A Nominee Shareholder?

The Nominee Shareholder is holding the shares of the company for you and on your behalf. The Nominee Shareholder`s role is only formal unlike the role of a Nominee Director who can exercise real duties in the company operations. He will not take any action with the shares such as selling them or placing a burden on them, or vote at any general meeting of the company or any other extraordinary meeting unless he has written instructions from you. The Nominee Shareholder on his appointment at the Cyprus Company Formation stage of the company sings with you, a Deed of Trust document plus a Transfer of Shares Instrument. The Deed of Trust basically declares that the real owner of the shares is you and the Transfer of Shares Instrument is a document by which the shares are transferred into your name with a blank date, signed by the Nominee Shareholder. You can at any stage sign it too and place the date and the instrument is valid immediately.


Cyprus Nominee Shareholder Services :  Do I Need A Nominee Shareholder?

The Nominee Shareholder can be used for a multitude of reasons. One very important is Confidentiality of the Real Owner of the company. The records of the Cyprus Registrar of companies are open to inspection by anyone on the planet. A person for the USA or Russia or India can go on the Registrar`s site and in a few minutes he will know who the Shareholder of the company is by paying the prescribed fee. If you use a Nominee Shareholder he will see the name and address and other details of the Nominee Shareholder.

A Nominee Shareholder can be used for various tax or legal reasons also, to avoid infarction of any legislation, or breaching any tax regulations. These instances are strictly dependent on each case and on the structures the client wants to create in order to create his cross border tax schemes.In the troubled and turbulent times that we are living a Nominee Shareholder might be a wise decision.If you need any more advice on the issue please get in touch with us freely at Contact.


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