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Cyprus Company Without Your Presence

Your Presence is not Needed

Cyprus Company Without Your Presence: You can get a Cyprus Company Formation in your absence. We do however recommend our clients to visit at least once for one day. That way you can meet us at our offices, meet our personnel  and of course taste the Cyprus cuisine which is very rich and tasty. We make it simple and fast for you. Our expertise since 1979 will be at your disposal. We work by email and courier. You can operate your company from your country too. You do not have to be in Cyprus. Apart from a Cyprus iBC you can set up a Cyprus Holding Company which offers a lot of benefits. Click the link to see them all.

We do of course recommend that you visit us at our offices at least once. You can meet our people and our CEO, Barrister Evgenios Erotokritou who has been practicing law for more than 35 years and of course taste the exquisite Cyprus cuisine.

All you have to do to get on with your Cyprus Company Formation is to get in touch with us at Contact here. Our administrators will respond immediately.For more details on Cyprus Company Registration click this link and for a Bank Account for your Company this link takes you to an article with full details.

Cyprus Company Without Your Presence: Cyprus Company has Many Benefits

A Cyprus company without your presence can be set up in only 6 days. It will give you many tax, legal and administration benefits that no other company will do. In our immense experience in this field we have not seen any other company offer that many advantages as the Cyprus company. See below a few:

  1. Corporate tax rate only 12.5%
  2. Zero tax on dividends paid to the Owners of the company
  3. Zero tax on dividends earned by the Cyprus Company on shares it owns in other companies.
  4. Zero tax on revenue from shares sold of the Cyprus Company itself
  5. Zero Capital Gains Tax on assets owned and sold abroad
  6. Zero tax on revenue from permanent establishments abroad
  7. Only 2.5% on Intellectual Property profits
  8. Exception from stamp duty on contracts
  9. Only 0.6% tax on a Cyprus IBC Capital  which is paid only once.

Cyprus Company Without Your Presence: 

You can get Nominee Services for your company such as Nominee Director or Nominee Shareholder so that you can have full confidentiality. Keep your private residential address, your passport number, your telephone number, your tax identification code and all other personal details away from prying eyes. Use the Nominee services. By using a Nominee Director you also get a lot of tax benefits, reducing your tax bill to the minimum.


Your company and your services will be handled by expert trained Administrators and Lawyers. Get in touch on this email: [email protected]

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Free Hotel Hosting

E.R.Team offers you our valued client free hotel hosting in a Larnaca hotel with your Cyprus Company registration. For more information please follow the link . See More

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