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Register Cyprus Company Fast and Easy

Register Cyprus Company without fuss. Our Firm can guide you all through the process without your presence to Register Cyprus Company. E.R. Team has a vast experience since 1979! Expert Lawyers and trained Administrators will handle the registration of your company. For more reading on Cyprus Company Registration, follow this link.

Tax Benefits

Register Cyprus Company and take benefits of a multitude of tax advantages.

Corporate Tax is only 12,5%! ZERO TAX on dividends. NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX. Only 2,5% Tax on Intellectual Property profits. Zero Tax on profits from trading in shares or other securities. For more reading on Cyprus Taxes, follow this link.

Structure of Cyprus Company

Register Cyprus Company and see how easy and practical is its structure. All you need for the registration of your Cyprus company is:

  1. Name of company.
  2. One Secretary.
  3. One Shareholder.
  4. One Director.
  5. A Registered Office in Cyprus.
  6. Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Any person regardless of age, sex or country or region can be Director. He can be a  Shareholder or Secretary. For Nominee Services in order to Register Cyprus Company, follow this link.

Bank Account

Registering a Cyprus Company can get you a fast fully professional business account in one of Cyprus’s biggest banks.

In today’s toxic banking environment, getting a fast, no fuss, cheap bank account is manna from heavens. Our Firm is widely networked in Cyprus and abroad. We can offer you a fast, no fuss, cheap bank account for your business. Such Bank account will include visa card. It will also have Internet Banking 24/7. It can have many currencies such as €, USD, GBP and CHF at no extra cost. Register Cyprus Company with our Firm and get such Bank Account in 10 to 15 days. For more reading on a Bank Account follow this link.

Full Accounting Services

Register Cyprus Company through our Firm you get a full accounting services package at a very cost-effective fee. Our Accounting Partners are UK trained professionals who will cover all your Tax and Financial needs. Their fees are very client friendly and this includes all advise and assistance at no extra charge. For more information please contact us.

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    E.R.Team offers you our valued client free hotel hosting in a Larnaca hotel with your Cyprus Company registration. For more information please follow the link . See More

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