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Open a Restaurant in Cyprus  which is blessed by the Mediterranean sun.  Many consider Cyprus as Europe’s small paradise on earth to live in and to do business.

Cyprus is in the crossroads of East and West. A stepping stone between Europe, Africa and Asia. As such it offers great opportunities for foreign investors and businessmen.

Cyprus is endowed with nature’s beauty. The scenery in Cyprus unfolds across golden sandy beaches. A lot of our visitors know Cyprus for its Mediterranean beauty and mild climate. So they also love it for its warm, hospitable and welcoming people. Its rich culture, gastronomy, delicacies and exquisite cuisine will excite even the most demanding visitor.

 The island has all the prerequisites to further develop its most resilient and strong economic sector tourism.  So it offers great potential for investments especially in the catering sector.

Are you looking for a place that offers a conducive environment for your business to thrive?   Then open a restaurant in Cyprus.

Open A Restaurant In Cyprus – Categorization

The Catering and Entertainment Establishments (Law No. 29 of 1985), classifies the catering businesses as below:

  • Restaurants or taverns
  • Cafeterias or pizza houses;
  • Pubs or bars;
  • Music and dance establishments;
  • Discotheques;
  • Snack bars and
  • Cabarets

Necessary Prerequisites

If you want to Open a Restaurant in Cyprus then the Cyprus Tourism Organization (C.T.O.) is the competent authority. Below we briefly  describe the necessary formalities for the operation of a restaurant in Cyprus.

    • To open a restaurant in Cyprus you need to obtain an operation license. The Municipality or the C. T. O. will grant such a license for you.
    • The C.T.O. will grant a restaurant license to a resident of  Cyprus or a citizen of another E.U. member state;
      • They will also grant it to a legal person registered in the Republic of  Cyprus or in any other E.U. member state.
    • You must file an application for approval of plans referring either to the erection of a new catering establishment;  or the alteration or the extension of an existing establishment.
    • A Manager of a catering establishment, can be a manager only after meeting the necessary qualifications of experience and expertise.
    • You must file an application for the Classification and Licensing of a Catering Establishment

Local Planning Authority /Municipality

if you want to open a restaurant in Cyprus the following permissions are necessary:

      • Initially you need to be obtain a planning permit from the Town and Country Planning department. Then you must file the technical (architectural) plans.  At the same time you must file the specifications of the proposed establishment as a restaurant too.
    • You can get a Building Permit only after you submit the plans approved by the C.T.O. to the Municipality.
  • If you want to serve alcoholic drinks or beverages containing alcohol, you need to be obtain a retailer`s permit . You can secure it from the Municipality.

The Medical Services and Public Health Services will issue a:

  • Health Certificate for food establishments


The relevant authority will take into consideration the establishment’s nature of the building. And of course the type of  furniture and  equipment; the level of operation, the level of amenities and provided services before it categorizes the establishment into Category A, B or C.

How we can help:

Our highly qualified personnel have the necessary knowledge and proper expertise. They can assist you obtain the necessary licenses. Further they can fulfill all the aforementioned prerequisites and establish a successful business for you. If you are interested in a Cyprus Company Registration our Administrators will set up the company for you in six days!

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