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Open A Restaurant In Cyprus : Cyprus – blessed to be sunbathed all year round – is fairly considered by many as Europe’s small heaven for both living and doing business. Inherited with the beauty of nature’s best palette, the scenery of Cyprus unfolds across golden sandy beaches, shallow turquoise waters, fragrant forests and rugged headlands. This idyllic scene is one that can be enjoyed for the most part of the year and one that offers a myriad of experiences. From visiting traditional villages to having excursions in one of the nature trails up in the forests, the island has something for everyone. Cyprus is not only known for its pleasant Mediterranean beauty and climate but also for its warm, hospitable, welcoming people, rich culture, gastronomy, delicacies and exquisite cuisine.

The third biggest island the Mediterranean Sea, harmoniously combines the picturesque beauty of an exotic island with the role of a rapidly developed continental business hub. This small but dynamic country – “a center of excellence”-  continuously and systematically strives to offer not only plenty of investment opportunities but also a favorable business environment. The island has all the prerequisites to further develop its most resilient and strong economic sector– tourism and offers great potential for investments especially in the catering services.

Are you in search for a place that offers a conducive environment for your business to thrive? Then Cyprus is one such destination.

Open A Restaurant In Cyprus – Categorization

According to the Catering and Entertainment Establishments (Law No. 29 of 1985), the catering businesses in the country are classified into:

  • Restaurants or taverns
  • Cafeterias or pizza houses;
  • Pubs or bars;
  • Music and dance establishments;
  • Discotheques;
  • Snack bars and
  • Cabarets

Necessary Prerequisites

If you want to Open a Restaurant in Cyprus the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) is the competent authority conferred with supervisory function as to the compliance of all quality standards and ongoing obligations by the catering and entertaining establishments in the Republic. Below, briefly are described all the necessary approvals, certificates and licences for the operation of a restaurant in Cyprus.

Issued by the C.T.O

    • To open a restaurant in Cyprus, an operation license needs to be obtained. This license can only be granted to:
    • natural resident in Cyprus or citizen of another E.U. member state; or
    • legal person situated in the Republic or in any other E.U. member state
    • Application for approval of plans referring either to the erection of a new catering establishment or the alteration or the extension of an existing establishment.
    • Approval for the position of a Manager of a catering establishment, can be granted only after meeting the necessary qualifications, experience and expertise.
    • Application for the Classification and Licensing of a Catering Establishment

Open a Restaurant in Cyrpus : Local Planning Authority /Municipality:

    • Initially, the planning permission needs to be obtained. The technical (architectural) plans, alongside with the specification that the proposed establishment is intended to operate as a restaurant, are mandatory.
    • The grant of a Building Permit will commence only after the submission of the approved by the C.T.O. plans.
  • As to the offering alcoholic drinks or beverages containing alcohol, note that a separate retailer’s licence needs to be obtained.

Issued by the Medical Services and Public Health Services of the Ministry of Health:

  • Health Certificate for food establishments


The establishment’s nature of building, value and quality of structure, furniture, equipment, level of operation, the level of amenities and provided services will determine how it will be classified (class A, B or C).

How we can help:

Our highly qualified personnel have the necessary knowledge and proper expertise to assist you obtain the necessary licenses, fulfil all the afore-mentioned prerequisites and establish a successful business in Cyprus. If you are interested in a Cyprus Company Registration our Administrators will set up the company for you in six days!

To request more details or any other advice, do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

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