Cyprus Company Shareholders

Powers of Cyprus Company Shareholders

Anyone can be the Shareholder of a Cyprus Company regardless of origin, sex, wealth etc. You must declare the Shareholders at the time of the Incorporation of your Cyprus Company.  The usual type of company preferred by businessmen is the private liability company limited by shares. For information on the capital of a Cyprus IBC company click this link. Get details and information for the Cyprus Company Registration. Follow this link.

By the Cyprus Company Law, Cap 113, a private company limited by shares can have a maximum of fifty shareholders. Many shareholders can own one share. This way you can increase the number of the shareholders. You can appoint for your Cyprus IBC Company Nominee Shareholders. For private companies you cannot issue an invitation to the public to buy shares of the company.

Shareholders Rights

The Shareholders of a company are the `owners` of the company in all the sense of the word. They are always invited to the General Meetings of the company.  You have a right to vote at the General Meetings of the company if you are a shareholder. If you are a shareholder then you have the power to dismiss the Directors and the Secretary and to appoint others in their place. It is of course the Shareholders who can call a dividend from the profits of the company. If necessary it is the shareholders can increase the Capital of their company. And they may make other changes to the capital such as split the shares or fuse them into fewer shares. Their powers are unlimited.

You as a shareholder shareholder can of course sell your shares. You can do that only in accordance with  the provisions of the M&A of the Company. If the company issues new capital usually the existing shareholders have the right to buy these shares first. If any shares remain unclaimed then the Directors can sell them to other interested parties. Nominee Shareholders have the same rights and liabilities to the company as the Real Shareholders.

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